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Thousands of years ago the Chinese realized that you can enjoy gems like jewels not only for decoration but also as a means of nurturing and nourishing the skin, hence pearls were milled into powder and rubbed on the skin. The result: a uniform, healthy and glowing skin.

A billion Chinese are probably not wrong. Their pearl powder is considered pure and rare in the world and only cosmetic companies that understand this quality benefit from it, including Satara. It contains rich amino acids, vital minerals like calcium, zinc and iron and B vitamins, which together clarify the skin, accelerating the rate of cell renewal and exfoliate internally, minimizing wide pores and maintain a high hydration level in the upper skin layer.

In our search for delicate quality components that can affect the skin we discovered that pearl powder is certainly suitable for Satara products: It does not change the texture of the products and yet they add a unique touch including the proven advantages. All Natural Pearl products of Satara contain high quality pearl powder to achieve a uniform skin texture, bright and full of glamor.