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צבע המגבת

The perfect case includes:

Sea bag
Transparent and decorated in a transparent black shade, perfect for the beach or pool. Comes with an inner case, for the important objects that need to be pulled out

Preao Towel Beach
Made of 100% high quality cotton woven in a traditional method, ideal for rapid absorption of water and quick drying. Suitable as a bath towel for body, pool, sea, gym, Pilates, yoga. A must-have item for summer dripping style! The towel comes in four colors to choose from: dark blue, mustard yellow

Hair Mask - Argan Oil
Moroccan argan oil mask for all hair types is enriched with argan and keratin oil that provide nourishment to the hair and scalp and conditioners for easy styling. Contains additional oils such as: jojoba, perilla, wheat germ and rosemary for wonderful nutrition.Without parabens
Volume: 250 ml

Hair Serum - Argan Oil
A serum that gives your hair a shiny, rich and abundant look. The serum is suitable for all hair types. Enriched with argan oil known for its unique moisturizing, supple and soft properties, so you can feel proud of your wonderful hair.
Volume: 100 ml

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